Get Teacher Salary Slip Online Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts Telangana: Print Your Payslip-GPF Statement Pensioners Details

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    How to Get Teacher Salary Slip via Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts, Govt of Telangana
    The teacher salary slip services in Telangana state service is provided by the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts. You need to read all the information at the time of view salary slip online. Most of the user wants online services it saves their time. They can provide many types of application form in PDF format. You can use here contact information about the department. There are many services available for HOD services, scholarship and PFMS portal. The user needs to follow all the required steps and then apply salary slip online.

    @=Online Services List: - Now here we provided the complete list of all services and provides an online website of Treasury Dept Telangana. The list of services is given below.
    1. $. Pensioners Information: - This section can contain details about pension services.
    2. $. National Pension System/CPS: - It can be used for CPS Services and National Pension.
    3. $. Employee Operations: - It can provide all the details about employee operation with number wise.
    4. $. DDO's Corner (Bill Status): - It can provide here bill status services which are provided on DDO.
    5. $. HOD Services: - Here all services list is required for HOD services.
    6. $. Scholarships: - It can provide all the pension-related services for this services they can need employee code.
    7. $. Class IV GPF: - It can provide here GPF details.
    8. $. PD Accounts Portal: - It can show here PD account information.
    9. $. HRMS Portal (DDO Request): - It can provide here DDO request and HRMS.
    10. $. PFMS Portal: - It can show here PFMS services.
    11. $. Income Tax Portal: - You need to see all details about income tax.
    To access this online service's user need to click on any of services. They can provide a new window which is accessible by the employee and administrator. You need to read all details one by one.

    @=Topics need to cover: - In this article, we provide some topics which are used by the teacher. The details about topics are given below.
    • *.] How to view online payslip?
    • *.] Who are eligible for view teacher payslip?
    • *.] What type of documents is required at time of view payslip?
    • *.] Where to contact about online services if the user can face any of issue?
    As you can see here the list of services which need to cover with the solution about the question.

    @=View Your Payslip: - This payslip service is required by that teacher who is employed in Telangana state. To check the Teacher Salary Slip, the user must have to produce his/her employee code. After check all eligibility and document name now user need to apply here for pay slip services. You need to read all details which are provided in next section.

    Procedure to View Your Salary Slip Details Online in Telangana State
    Before view pay slip by the user, you required the internet services and computer to access web pages. Now you need to follow all the required steps and then apply services soon.

    (Point 1st) - The applicant needs to open the website of the Directorate of Treasuries and accounts, the government of Telangana. You need to type on Google which is open on the web browser. There are many of links is provided on user computer screen. Now you need to choose any of one which is provided on top of the side.

    (Point 2nd) - You need to see the name of service which is provided on top of the page. Now, user, you need to see an option list. Here you need to select employee operation. They can provide a new window with many of option. This option is given below.
    • #. Pay particular
    • #. Previous Pay Particulars
    • #. Class IV GPF Information
    • #. Employee Payslip
    • #. AG GPF Account Slip
    • #. TSGLI Account Slip
    • #. NPS Transaction Statement
    • #. Pension/ GPF Grievance (AG)
    In this slip, you need to select the Employee Payslip.

    (Point 3rd) - The Employee Payslip can open a new window. If the web page does not provide then you need to use here web links.
    Telangana Salary Slip- 1.jpg
    We can provide here web links so you need to click here and then a new webpage will open. You can check the name of services as “Employee Pay Slip”.

    (Point 4th) - Now you need to fill here correct details which are provided in the section.
    1. #. Enter correct employee code
    2. #. Fill here month
    3. #. Fill here year
    Telangana Salary Slip- 2.jpg
    (Point 5th) - After fill all the information by the user they need to click on submit button. Now pay slip is provided soon. You need to see all the information is correct then you need to take the printout of pay slip. It is necessary for all people. If you found any of details are provided incorrect then you need to contact the concerned authority.

    @=Note - Now we are providing some points to the user which required at the time of view payslip online.
    • #. The user can require their employee code at the time of view pay slip.
    • #. You can also need to know about month & year.
    • #. If you found any information is provided incorrect in pay slip then you can use their contact details.
    • #. You can also apply here other services online.

    〉»Department Contact Details-
    Kindly click the given below link to Treasury Dept Telangana to check the officials' contact list.
    This link can provide the contact information about the concerned department. You can also check all officials' number with name, subject, designation, landline number, mobile number and email id.

    Users, here we provided to you the complete details and all steps for apply teacher payslip. You need to use the web links at the time of apply services soon. For any type of help, you can call the given helpline numbers.
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