Teacher Salary Slip-Certificate Andhra Pradesh DDOREQ Download Payslip Printout via Employee Code in Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts Dept

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    —©—Get Teacher Pay Slip Andhra Pradesh—©—
    The Directorate of treasuries and accounts, the government of Andhra Pradesh can provide facility to the teacher to view online salary slip month wise. The most important things the user can need their employee code. This code is provided to the teacher if they are the government employee. This department is controlled by the finance department of the secretariat. The main office of this department is located in Lbrahimpatnam Vijayawada. There are total numbers of two hundred seven treasury units are provided by the department in which there are 14 district treasuries and 193 are sub-treasuries. The account branches in the head office of the department are located in the new capital region of AP.

    The functions of directories & treasury department Andhra Pradesh are listed below:
    • ¢|They can control budget and regulate the expenditures of the department.
    • ¢|They are a regulator of CPS.
    • ¢|They can function as chief controlling officers for department budget and pension/ CPS
    • ¢|They can issue a salary slip to the employees.
    These are some list of function which is needed to know by the consumer. You need to read all the points which are given here.

    ®—What Information Is Required to Get Salary Slip:
    The employee can need their employee code at the time of view their salary slip. Without this employee code, they are unable to view slip.

    —©—Process to View & Download Teachers Salary-Slip/Payslip Online in Andhra Pradesh—©—
    Before starting here the process of salary slip employee, you need to make sure you have valid documents which are provided by the government like employee code. If you have this code then read all process given below.
    • —|Teachers, we have provided web links to view their payslip or salary slip at online website of the Directorate of Treasuries and accounts, the government of Andhra Pradesh. The link is given below:
    • —|You have to go through the above-given link of the treasury department of ap govt. If the web page is open you need to see the name of services as “employee pay details”.
    • —|Now you need to fill valid employee code. This code is written on the old pay slip.
    • —|After fill here valid code by the user they need to click on excel report button.
    • —|Now pay slip is appearing on user computer screen. You need to see here a month, employee code and other details. If all the provided information about pay slip is valid then you need to take the printout of pay slip.
    This is complete process how to view teacher pay slip in Andhra Pradesh state. You need to follow all given instruction and get your slip soon.

    Important Notes Before Using Website:
    • ¢|At the time of use here online services, you need to make sure you can carry your employee code.
    • ¢|If employee code is not remembered then you need to see your old pay slip.
    • ¢|The pay slip is appearing here in excel sheet which is saved in your computer downloads section.
    —©—AP Treasury Dept Contact Details—©—
    Now we can provide contact information to the concerned department. They can all help to the user about their pay slip. The contact details are given below.
    • —Department Name: - Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts
    • —Office Address: - D.NO: 7-57, Sri Anjaneya Towers, VTPS Road, IBRAHIMPATNAM, VIJAYAWADA- 521456.
    • —Official Email: -
    You need to send here email about services in which you can face any issue. The response is provided soon.
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