Check Teacher Salary-Payslip via Finance Dept Maharashtra: View-Print GPF Statement Pension Payroll & User Manual

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    Check Teacher Payslip Online through Finance Dept, Govt of Maharashtra
    The finance department, government of Maharashtra can provide facility to user for view teacher salary slip. To view your salary slip, you need employee code and month of the salary. Most of the user wants online services it can save their time. They can provide the list of all FAQ question. They need to see here contact information about the department. You can also read the user manual about online services. Now follow all requires step & then you need to view here salary slip. You need to see details about payroll & pension services as well.

    $~Sevaarth can cover five modules: - Now we can provide here all five modules which need to cover by the Sevaarth. These all modules are given below.

    (1) Pay-roll: - This module can be used to view pay-roll services. They can prepare the salary bill services of the state government employee.

    (2) Pension (Niwruttivetanwahini): - In Marathi languages then the pension is known as Niwruttivetanwahini. The pension service is required by that employee under the government of Maharashtra. They can also prepare here monthly pension bill of all the pensioners governed by the state government. The user needs username as the pensioner and the password as IFMA123. To view pension information then the user needs to use an online section of pensioner corner report.

    (3) DCPS& NPS: - This service is also used for the account maintained and submission of contribution. It is used by the employee who needs to use here DCPS& NPS.

    (4) GPF Group-D: - This portal can also be used to view GPF details for that employee who can belong to the group-D. They need to provide here some employee proof and user id to view GPF.
    Loan & advances: - the government of employee can also apply for loan services in advances. The loan needs to recover from the payroll application. They can maintain all the recover from loan services. They can needs login information for apply loan & advances.
    For use of these give module by the employee, they need user id and password. The login information is credential. It is used by the DDO/TP/Pension Clerk/Auditor/AG//Inward Clerk/MDC and more. This application also needs to integrate with the budget estimation, allocation & monitoring system. All the services are used for salary & pension related services as soon as the government employee wants.

    $~Topics need to cover: - Here we provided the list of topics which is needed to cover at the time of view the salary slip.
    • #. How to view online teacher salary slip?
    • #. How to use an online website of Sevaarth?
    • #. Where to contact if the user can face any of issue at the time of access online website?
    As you can see there are three questions is provided. The solution to this question is given below so you need to see them one by one.

    $~Requirement by users: - The applicant can need their login details at time of view salary slip online. Without login details, you are unable to view web pages.

    Procedure to View Teacher Salary/Payslip in Maharashtra State
    Before viewing the services you can require your login details. Now you need to follow all requires a step and then apply with web links.

    (Step 1st) - The applicant needs to open the website of Sevaarth, Maharatsra. You need to see the web links which is given below.
    Maha SS- 1.jpg
    Here we provided the official link to Finance Dept, Govt of MH. You need to click the above link and then a web page is open on the user computer. You need to see the name of services which is provided on top of the page.

    (Step 2nd) - You need to see on top of the page now see the login section. The user needs to fill correct details.
    1. #. Enter valid username
    2. #. Enter password here
    See the above details which required for check Salary Slip.

    (Step 3rd) - Now you need to enter Captcha code and then click on the submit button.
    Maha SS- 2.jpg

    (Step 4th) - After login by the user, they need to select the payroll services. You need to follow all the required steps which are needed at the time of view salary slip. If all details are providing correct then you need to easily view salary slip.
    As you can see the complete steps how to view teacher salary slip. You need to read all the process which is given below. You can also check documents name and what is the process.

    $~User manual for payroll: - Now we provided here User manual for payroll services. Check the web links given below and click on it. So you can easily access PDF file of manual.
    This link can provide an instruction on the payroll. It can provide here a PDF file. You need to see all the steps mentioned in the different section about payroll. It can provide here complete details which are needed by the users.
    $~Note - Now we can provide here some notes which need to use by an applicant at the time of view pay slip.

    1. #. You can require login id which is provided by the concerned department.
    2. #. You need to wait for some time so teacher salary slip is providing soon.
    3. #. If you can found here salary slip is providing incorrectly then the user needs to use their contact details.
    4. #. You can also use here contact information about department for any type of help about online services as soon as possible.
    After reading all the notes by the applicant now we can provide contact details. With this contact details, you can get help with online services, technical services, pay slip and many more.

    @=Contact details-
    Here we provided the contact information of the concerned department. You can call on this number for any type of help about salary slip.

    You need to use the contact details for any help about salary slip services. They can provide all solution to users of online services in short time. You may contact at this phone number in any working days & working hours. If you ask here question which is not related to salary slip then you are unable to find their solution.

    Users, here we provided to you the complete steps for teacher salary slip. You can use here web links at the time of login at the online portal. For any type of help about online services, you can call the above contact details.
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