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    This time of Diwali will be more colorful for the government employees. The salaries of the government employees are expected to double through the seventh Pay Commission. The commission’s report is to be submitted to the central government in the second week of September 2015. As per the central government record in the central government more than 55 lakh employees are working under it.

    The new pay scale will be implemented from the 1st January 2016. According to the sources in the seventh pay commission the government is going to stop the grad pay system, in place of which 15 new scales being built. In these scale the government will pay and the dearness allowance would be payable. Accordingly, house rent and transport allowance with other facilities will be given to the employees. According to the other report 33 years retirement formula is already in force. As per the report in the sixth pay scale retirement after 33 years formula is already applied. Behind it the employees on retirement gratuity equal to half of sixteen months’ salary to be paid. After the service, the employee is entitled to a full pension.

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    It is proposed to be extending to the seventh pay grade. After submitting the report of seventh pay commission to the government the senior committee secretaries will examine this, which will take two months duration approximately. Then it will be submitted to the ministry of finance, which the ministry will go-ahead to implement in next year January 2016, the unchanged current salary 2.86 fold increased 1 lakh 28 thousand crore addition burden the government will have to face. However, the organization of central government staff officer gave warning that if central pay commission (CPC) report will apply more cuts they can go for the strike. According to the employee confederation official the CPC report is yet to be submitted to the government, it will consider senior committee of secretaries. Then it will be finalized. It also will discrepancy, it will discuss.

    Officers and employees of the organization have already put their demands before the government. Nevertheless, if there is no way to go on strike is open. Millions of union wage hikes may be delayed two months. Salaries of employees made up about the seventh pay commission by the end of this month to submit its final report to the Centre, but sources would be delayed until September 15. Seventh Pay Commission to increase or decrease by the central workers' retirement age is expected. According to sources, an interim report will not pay commission.

    The Prime Minister of the NDA government may accept it when, but the new salary will apply from January 1 next year. Seventh Pay Commission Chairman Justice AK Mathur, the government has sought an extension of two months. The Commission in February 2014 by the then government was to submit a report in 18 months and it was asked. 90 per cent of central government employees work in military and paramilitary forces, while the rest are employed in the railways and the postal department. According to sources, the Commission had hoped that the government will take a decision on one rank one pension, which will keep them in mind when salary revision. Seventh Pay Commission after a big gift from the central personnel is forecast.

    According to some media reports, unconfirmed, as the average increase in wages is likely to be between 15 to 20 per cent. The minimum basic wages to be increased to 15 thousand are expected. The Seventh Pay Commission is to revise the salaries of government employees. According to sources, the salary commission is trying to finalize its recommendations, and in the next two months, the Commission will submit its report to the government. Reports said that the seventh pay commission believes that the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission found great increase in salaries is not the same one room for growth. The rest of the people aged 60 years will remain retired. In addition, the minimum basic salary of Rs. 15 thousand is expected.

    It will benefit the small personnel. Note that the minimum basic salary last Pay Commission was Rs 7730 by increasing Rs 3050. However, according to a report by global financial services company DBS seventh pay commission, most of the burden coming financial year (2016-17) will be borne by the budget. DBS said Seventh Pay Commission in the implementation of the remuneration of employees might increase to 16 percent. Accordingly, if implemented most of the seventh pay commission impact (burden) of fiscal year 2016-17 will be borne by the budget.

    The previous government fixed term of three years ago, the Seventh Pay Commission was appointed. Need to focus on its negative impact on revenue. The country's fiscal position to deal with the problems they are no less difficult, but look at the future, a set of fiscal problems could come before us. This year, the fiscal deficit is 4.5 per cent, the expenditure and tax reforms need to be identified. The Centre should implement reforms during the next two years. The fiscal deficit of 4.5 per cent, with the consolidated deficit of the Centre and the state will not exceed 7 per cent. That's because the state deficit is limited to 2.5 percent of GDP at market rate. The consolidated deficit of the broad consensus level is equivalent to 6 per cent of GDP.

    So in the near future which could bring trouble for us? I will go back to 1997-98. At that time, the FPC recommended by bureaucratic scale was applied retrospectively to the year 1996. 1999-2000, all states that pay their employees equal pay and pension commission announced. Also in the same ratio was outstanding payment. States also have an impact on the fiscal deficit reached 4.5 percent of GDP and that. State governments borrowed from the two spaces. The first securities or short-saving alternative. At that time, the collection as a loan made to the Central Government and the States. But interest rates spiked. States such as pensions and salaries increased the burden of the interest paid. That story is still relevant because the previous government in 2014, which at the end of his term selective measures, including the appointment of the seventh pay commission them. The Commission's appointment schedule was three years ago. As such it is bound to look after the implementation of the recommendations of the Pay Commission in the past the economy was affected? During 1999-2000, the commendable reforms the government abolished the role of intermediaries in the small savings funds and public funds transferred to a separate fund. Increased transparency and the separation of the fixed interest rate paid to the states are to decrease the rate of reduction in the small savings deposit rate.

    Report: Now Soldier Will Get Information of Their Salary On Phone
    The AMC began IVRS System for providing the salary information for soldiers in the country. This is the first type of IVRS center where the soldiers can get the details about their pay. Right now this is started only for the Lucknow Army Medical Core (AMC). Through this service the soldiers and officer will be given the information of their salary and pay on just a call. For this with the name of Jawans Smart Information Exchange (JASMINE) interactive voice response system (IVRS) faculty has been introduced.

    This service was launched by the Commandent Lt. Gen. V Ravi Shankar at Cariappa Road training center of the defence accounts department at the AMC center and collage. For the details of the salary the army soldiers now don’t need to go round and round in the AMC office. Officials claim that the in the AMC has become the first center in the country, which will give the information related to the pay through IVRS to the army soldiers. The Pay Accounts Office of the Principal Controller AMC Mr. Sanjeev Kumar said that the department was working on this project for over a year. He also said that starting to provide the salary to the army soldiers also began from the AMC. The army personnel can make their call in 0522-2480221 / 22/ 23 or 2482409 numbers to get the information through the pay accounts officer regarding to their salary. While calling in these numbers soldiers will be asked for their army number. After this date of birth will be asked. If all things are correct a T-Pin number (trending partner identification number) will be given, which will work like a password. Then the army man will be able to check any type of information regarding to the salary. This feature will be available 24 hours. In case of lost or wrong T-PIN number the personnel will don’t need to worry. In such a situation, the new password will be generated automatically.

    How to Check Salary Slip for Army Soldiers / Defence Personnel
    The Government of India – Ministry of Defence – Controller of Defence Accounts which has their official website has the responsibility to maintain and keep all the data / records safe regarding to the salary of all army soldiers. The PAO (ORS) has their head office in the Kannur. To get the salary slip of army personnel you have to visit in the below given link where after filling the username as the IRLA number and password as your date of birth in MM/DD/YY format you will be able to get salary slip if you are working for Indian Army

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