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    —¤—New Delhi Municipal Council: NDMC - Payslip Login, Employee Corner, Salary Slip RMR & Employee Code-Password—¤—
    The NDMC can provide all type of department services for citizens and employees. You need to read all details how to view your salary slip. This is online services which can contain details to the user in digital format. They can provide a number of vacancies for citizens. Here user needs to pay their electricity bill, water bill, tax pay, estate and more. They can show here contact information about given department so the user can get any of help about services in short time. You need to follow all required steps needed at the time of view pay slip.

    At a time of view, their pay slip use can only need their employee code and password. This facility is granted only to NDMC employees only. They need to read all instruction then apply required services.

    —¤—View Payslip in NDMC Department - Salary Slip Login for Employees—¤—
    This service is online so you need to use internet services & computer to access web pages of NDMC. It can provide complete process t users about their pay slip.

    ♦〉Point i: -
    First, applicants, you need to open the website at NDMC by check link here. Before clicking here for your confirmation we can provide demo image of a home page of NDMC. It can provide a clear way to the user about pay slip.


    After check image here we can provide here web link of NDMC, see it is given below.
    This link can help the user to open page of NDMC so click here then check the homepage. You need to scroll down the page here then select employee corner as per demo image.

    ♦〉Point ii: -
    After opening page of employee corner by the user, it can provide all type of services which is required by the employee. Here you need to select view pay slip. Now you need to check demo image of given services.


    ♦〉Point iii: -
    After select payslip, it can provide NDMC login page. Here user needs to apply services as per need. For apply here services you need to check demo image of login page then link also.


    After checking the demo image you need to check the link for open pay slippage in which you can apply services.
    You can see the link here, so click here then login page, you need to read the information here “this feature are exclusive to NDMC employees only login”.

    ♦〉Point iv: -
    Now you need to fill correct information here.
    • 〉Employee Code: - You can fill here correct employee code
    • 〉Password: - Fill here password
    You need to check given details after filling here if they are incorrect then you are not able to log in here.

    ♦〉Point 5: -
    If the information is filled here correctly then you need to click on login button. Here, user, you need to select employee section in which pay slip is provided. You need to fill here the month for which slip is needed. If all information given here correct then you need to take print out of the slip.

    This is the complete process that how to views pay slip by employees. You need to check screenshots of pages with their web links.

    φ—Necessary Points & Notes for NDMC Employees: -
    Now we can provide some points which need to follow by the user at a time of pay slip information. These points are given below.
    • You need to carry document which can contain your employee code, this code is necessary to the user at the time of login.
    • Your mobile number needs to update for any of notification about the slip.
    • After filling all information here you need to recheck all details once again otherwise it can be rejected.
    • If payslip here then you need to take print out of the slip. It is necessary for users.
    If you have any of quires about pay slip related services then you can check here contact information about given department. This information is given below so check all.

    —¤—NDMC Department Contact Details for Salary Slip or Other Query—¤—
    Now we can provide contact information about NDMC you need to check all details here.
    • 〉Office Name: - NEW DELHI MUNICIPAL COUNCIL (NDMC Head Office)
    • 〉Office Address: - Palika Kendra, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001
    • 〉Helpline Toll-Free: - 1533
    • 〉Exchange Number PABX: - 41501354 - 60
    You can see here contact information about NDMC in which contact address, a helpline number is a mention. You need to call here and ask a correct question about pay slip which is issued by NDMC to their employees. They can provide all solution to the user about their quires.
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