ITBP-Police Payslip PIS System View-Print Your Salary Slip Online & Recover Password via RegTL No Joining Date & Dept Contact Number

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    —©—ITBP PIS Salary Slip: - Print Online Payslip—©—
    The Indo Tibetan border police force can provide the own online portal in which all branches details are avail. Here they can provide facility to user for view their payslip. They can show here login page. This is online services you need to read each steps avail then apply here required services. You need to check the mobile application of ITBP and other. They can provide many sports & training modules. You need to read all information then apply for pay slip related services. They can provide here contact information about given department. The Indo- Tibetan police brooder police are raised in the year 1962, on date 24 October. It can also be raised under CRPF act. Their function is to detect all border violation activity and secure them. They can also check here illegal immigration, trans-border smuggling & crimes, they can secure sensitive installation, bank, and protected person. They can restore and preserve order in any of area. They can provide their contact information so the user can get help about of services. This online portal is open all time so every person can apply services & also avail in two languages.
    Before starting our process to view their payslip user you can need your login details. It is necessary documents for that person who needs to view pay slip. This is online services you need to follow each steps avail.

    —©—Print Your Salary Slip Online—©—
    Before apply here services about pay slip you need to read each step avail then apply services. For this services, you can need your login details.

    @=Point 1: -
    First applicant or employee, you need to open the website of Indo Tibetan border police force. You need to type given the name in Google. It can provide many links you need to select 1st one then portal is open. You can also see here demo image of portal avail.


    The link is avail here so you can open the portal.
    This link can help the user to open portal of ITBP, you need to check the name of services then read next point given below.

    @=Point 2: -
    Here, user, you need to check on menu bar it can contain here login in which you need to select here personal login. After click here, it can provide a login page you need to check demo image of page avail here.


    Now check link avail to view page of login to view their payslip.
    As you can see the link is avail for personal login in which you need to check all information first then need to read another step.

    @=Point 3: -
    At this point, we can provide information which needs to fill here.
    • =Username: - Enter here username
    • =Password: - Fill here correct password
    You need to check all information avail here should be correct.

    @=Point 4: -
    Now user needs to click on login button avail. It can provide a page to the user in which they can view their payslip. You need to select here month & year then pay slip is avail to the user on their computer screen. You need to check all information avail here correct then need to take print out of the slip. It is necessary services for users.

    Here we can find all details about pay slip. It can provide complete details to the user how to view their payslip with screenshots and web links. So read all details here then apply required services.

    —©—Recover Your ITBP PIS Password to Get Pay Slip—©—
    Now we can start here process how to recover password in case of loss. You need to check link is avail of given portal.
    This link can help the user to recover their password. First, you need to check the name of services avail then fill correct information in avail form.
    • =RegTL Number: - You need to fill here correct number
    • =Date of Joining: - You need to fill here Date of joining
    • =Security Question: - First you need to select here Security question
    • =Answer: - You need to mention the answer to services.
    After filling all correct information here you need to click on recover my password. It can provide the new password to user soon you need to note new password and try to login with new details. It is necessary for users. If you can found you can fill incorrect password then use here contact details.

    @=Important Notes for ITBP Employees: -
    Now, user, we can provide some instruction which is needed at a time of view pay slip and also needs to recover their password.
    • =At the time of view your pay-slip you need to make sure you have valid login details which password is remembered by an employee only.
    • =If the user can lose their password they need to recover it. For this services, they can need their date of joining & REGTL number. Without this information, the password is not recovered.
    • =You can view pay slip by entering month & year and also need to check all information needed correct.
    —©—ITBP Department Contact Details for Salary Slip Related Help—©—
    If you can found any of issue at a time of view your salary slip, the user needs to read here contact information in avail link.
    This link can provide here contact details about the department, you need to note down all contact details. Now ask here a correct question about services so a solution is provided soon to users.
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