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    The Indo – Tibetan Border Police Force well known with the short name of ITBP is a paramilitary army of India. It was established on 24 October 1962 to protect the Indo-Tibetan border to China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. These forces guard the Karakoram Pass to Lipulekh Pass and Indo-Nepal-Chine trijunction 2115 KM length extended border. After the conflict of India-China to provide the protection to the country’s northern borders in 1962 the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) force was formed. The beginning of the ITPB paramilitary was formed with only a small team of four platoons, which has now grown as large 45 service corps, and four specialized platoons. This month the force is entering its golden jubilee year of its formation. ITBP has the main task to protecting and guarding the Indo-Tibetan border, to provide a sense of security to the public living in the border areas, the security of important individuals and internal security duties with the aims to provide the services at the time of the disaster in the country.

    Between 9000 to 18700 feet and declining 3488 KM long mountain region, the mercury down to minus 45 degrees in place of too cold, deep valleys, treacherous pits, deep rivers, dangerous glaciers, rocky slopes and invisible natural hazards ITBP between man and officers spend a large part of their service life. This is spared from Karakoram Pass (the old trade route to Tibet in Jammu and Kashmir) to Diphu La in Arunachal Pradesh. In ITPB signs describing its ethos, ie, ‘bravery and loyal commitment. An ITBP personnel is loyal to the salt, faithful to his duty, and can stay in any kind of human or natural difficult situation. He utilized the resources available to improve things and walks on the path.

    The army took part in the 1965 Indo-Pak war. It drove them out of the war zone after fighting with enemies. After ending the war with the Pakistani infiltrators and to eliminate military forces the itbp carried out search operations and provide security for key installations. In 1971 the two platoons intruders bases in Srinagar and Poonch sectors identify/locate and destroy them carried out the specific task, this mission was appreciated. In 1978, redefined the role of national commands the forces in its original nature was changed. To create a multidimensional force miscellaneous tasks entrusted to it.

    In its area of responsibility, ITBP provides the protection to IB. With the IB together the cross-border crime and secret information compilation, interrogation and the international border from smugglers and infiltrators / LAS are also on joint patrols. In the sensitive area, itbp works with the military. In peacetime, it prepared and accomplished it professionally so that they can face the real challenges at the time of address.

    In 2003, the group of ministers recommendation, namely a border – a border force to carry out itbp Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, India and China were responsible for eastern region and as a result of a landmark in the northeast, the itbp have entered. Due to the difficult road links in the north-west and central region border it is more difficult to guarding here. In addition to guarding the border in the northeastern state of internal security forces also discharges the high altitude areas, this paramilitary is ahead of the other forces. The itbp personnel has to face ice storms, landslide constant.

    By 1982 the military activities were limited to the Himalayas, but with the change of time, the force personnel was trained to face the other challenges. In 1982, during the Asian Games, the ITBP performed security duties with extremely delicate and risky. Where the soldiers of various stadiums, teams of different countries, and various VIPs Games Village Complex Elaborate security was entrusted. Assigned to this task force in the early stages due to its role was limited to wildlife and natural areas of the Himalayas. Appropriate training given to troops from across the border was not tough enough to deal with hostile activities but in difficult areas such as self-sustaining existence is the most challenging. For this reason, before deploying the forces in the height of the Himalayas mountains, the itbp soldier was given the climbing, mountaineering, and mountain warfare training. For making them good soldiers they were given the guerrilla warfare.

    To provide a sense of security to the people of the border and to win the hearts and minds of the people ITBP young remote border areas of roads and bridges construction/renovation as well as the natural disaster to help them, for medical and veterinary camps. As a liberal force, ITBP land border maintains cordial relations with the public. India-China border, remote and inaccessible rural development and the necessary development activities and to provide basic medical facility ITBP has launched a comprehensive program. ITBP various sectors with the help of local authorities, voluntary labor and public sanitation and hygiene, adult and children's education, conduct periodic medical camps, drinking water, electrification and construction of basic mechanism are activated.

    ITBP rural telephone exchanges opened in Ladakh and a lot of height is associated with the outpost satellite telephone. ITBP personnel and local people can use this feature at nominal rates. Leh cloudbursts and landslides during the last rain ITBP personnel in relief and rehabilitation work in the affected areas were the first to come forward. They established relief camps to provide relief to people in distress and the medical camp set up. ITBP forces for these actions drew praise from locals. ITBP jawans have excelled in various sports. It has established its own precedent in international mountaineering. Everest (5 times) and Kanchenjunga peaks of more than 165 world-class peaks, including the force flag is waved. Nanda Devi, India's highest peak, Mount Kamet in Himalayan Mountain peaks and Iran and the US are on the list. He was the extremely proud moment for the force 10 and May 12, 1992, when eight climbers, including a woman police officer who made history by climbing up Mount Everest.

    Skiing is its uniqueness. Over the years, the national champion in the game ITBP Kamet in 1981, down from the peak recorded first skiing. Previously in May 1997 Trusur players ITBP ski (23360 feet) and in April 1978 peak of Kedar (24410 feet) of skiing down. ITBP national champion in skiing several times this title is saved and the Winter Olympic Games at the Asian Winter Games have twice represented India. River rafting is another area where ITBP jawans have marked its distinct identity. In 1991 the Bangladesh border in Arunachal Pradesh Jailing sections of the Brahmaputra river, it was 1100 km long journey. In the last 200 years, no other could not have the courage to achieve this feat, which gained by the itbp force. The soldiers’ also rare distinction of being part of a scientific expedition to Antarctica is received. Every member of the scientific expedition to Antarctica every year ITBP is training.

    —®—How to Get or Download Online Salary Slip for ITPB Serviceman—®—
    The ITBP force has their online official website in link which is developed and designed by the national informatics center’s team (NIC). This website has given all the information and history about the force. The department also developed the online software platform so that its soldiers can get their salary information and pay slip on time with using internet facility at their place. Here I am providing you below information that how you can get the salary slip online or can get the statement of pay if you are working under the itbp force as a serviceman:

    ♦〉Step I –
    First, you have to visit the official website of itbp or click directly to the below-given link for reaching on the official portal of force. Here you have to select the option of “him veer” which is a treasury software provided to the servicemen for checking their salary slip online. As in the below-given demo page, you have to select the option.
    ♦〉Step II –
    After clicking the HIMVEER option on the official website this will provide you a new page section of HIMVEER ENTRY MAIN SYSTEM where you can get the login page as the below-given demo image. In this login page, you have to enter your user ID with the password. Visit the below-given link direct to reach on the HIMVEER software to get the salary slip online of itbp force personnel.

    ♦〉Step III-
    If you forgot the password, don't worry. Visit the below link where you have to enter "Your Regtl. No, Your Date of Joining and have to "Select Your Security Question" from given options as you selected for the forget password option.
    ♦〉Step IV –
    If you are not having your username and pass yet in that case first you will have to contact in your department or in the treasury office from where you can obtain this. In case you are not having the contact information of any treasury or departmental person in that case you can visit the below link page where you can get the contact details of the itbp force departmental person.
    Here we provided you complete details that how you can get the salary slip if you are serving in the itbp force. In case of any help, you can contact the departmental person or you can submit your comment below. We will try to solve your query from our end. The username and password holder servicemen are also suggested to log out after using the HIMVEER website software or after taking the printout of your salary slip.
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