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    —©— Teacher Pay Slip Haryana—©—
    The Haryana, finance department can provide all details about salary slip and pay slip to the teacher who is government employed. This view pay slip service is online you need follow all the valid steps. Most of the user wants online services it can save their time. Here user also needs to apply for RTI application, project task management and more. They can develop an online portal name as Intra Haryana in which many of online service is provided. The information is needed to fetch with help of account Branch.

    ♦—Services Issued by Intra Haryana portal: -
    Now we can provide the number of services which is given by the Intra Haryana. The list is given below number wise. You need to see them and try to apply services if they are required.
    • |GPF Account Services
    • |Super Annuation Report
    • |File Movement & Tracking System
    • |Online Leave and Tour Module
    • |E-Salary Haryana
    • |Service Book
    • |Employee Directory
    • |Project Task Tracking System
    • |RTI Applications Management System
    • |Disciplinary Cases Monitoring System
    • |Personnel Management System
    • |Court Cases Monitoring System
    • |Revenue Court Cases
    After seeing all services by the user now we need to start process how to view teacher salary slip online. You need to read all points and also see their web links.
    Process for online teacher salary slip
    Now we need to start here the process of pay slip view. This is online services you can use your login id. Now read all points which are given here.

    • Applicant you need to open the website of Intra Haryana for view pay slip. You can use Google and type here portal name. They can provide many lists you need to select here top one. If the link is not found then you can see below.
    • As you can see here a web link is provided. You need to see the name of the portal which is provided on left side of the page as “Intra Haryana”.
    • You need to see on your left side it can provide intra login zone. Now you need to fill some details.
    1. Enter user id
    2. Enter password
    • In last you need to enter code mention in green color and then you need to click on login button.
    • Now user in all services you need to select here E-salary Haryana. Now fill here employee code and month for which you can need salary slip. The salary slip is provided soon you need to see all details are provided here correct and valid.
    If details are provided correct about teacher salary slip now you need to take the printout of pay slip. It is necessary steps for all people. This slip has many used if they are required by the applicant.

    After the complete process of teacher salary slip now we can provide details which can help to user for registration and get their login details. Now we need to start the process in next section.

    —©—New Registration Process for Intra Haryana—©—
    If an applicant wants to get their login details at Intra Haryana they need to carry their salary bank account number. If you have then seen web link is given below.
    You need to click here and then a registration page is provided. You need to see the name of services which is provided. Now time to start fill correct details on the form.
    • |First, you need to fill here employee type
    • |Enter valid date of birth by select here calendar
    • |Enter date of joining by select here calendar
    • |Enter salary bank account number
    After filling all information by the user they need to enter the code and then need to click on submit button.

    You can get an SMS alert about your registration is completed with login details. Now you need to them at time of online view pay slip.
    If the user can register here successfully but unfortunately they can lose their password and not remember which is filled. In this case, they need to use services of recover password. The process is provided in next section.

    —©—Forget Password Recovery Procedure—©—
    The forget password service is needs by the user whose password is lost. They can use here web links at the time to recover their password. The link is given below.
    You need to click here and then it can provide a page of forgot the password. Now you need to fill correct details.
    • |Enter correct user id here
    • |Enter email id which is optional
    • |Enter mobile number which is 10 digits long
    • |Enter code which is shown in green color
    Now you need to click on get password button. They can provide a soon new password to the user on their mobile number. You need to fill here new password and then wait for SMS alerts.

    ♦—Imp Notes for Users: -
    At the time of view salary slip by the teacher, they need to read all instruction.
    • |Before fill details by the user, they need to read all details which are filled in section.
    • |You need to carry your valid mobile number at the time of login; register and use recover password services.
    • |The recover password services are needed by the person who can lose their password and not remember.
    • |If the user can find some issue at the time of login and register at online portal they can use here help. The details are provided here.
    ♦—For Any Help Dept Contact Information: -
    This link can provide all steps to the user with screenshots. You need to read them one by one and also need to use web links. They can provide complete help to users.
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