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    —Ω—Himachal Pradesh Himkosh: Get Your Salary Slip or Payslip Download Procedure—Ω—
    The salary slip information is avail by Himkosh. It is an online portal which is given by the department of treasuries accounts and lotteries. They can provide complete information to the user about their salary slip. They can provide all functionality of the department. First time this department is work under in revenue department, but in the year 1971, it is independent works. They can provide some services name as Salary, pension, vitran, ekosh and more. They can provide here many types of application form so the user can apply required one.

    —Ω—Function of Himkosh Department of Treasuries Accounts and Lotteries-GoHP—Ω—
    Here we can provide some department services function. You need to check all function avail here one by one. This information is necessary for users you need to check their services.
    • |Budget control / Financial control of DDO’s
    • |Advisory Role in Financial matters to DDO’s
    • |Financial transaction of State Government
    • |Proper Accounting/compilation of Government Accounts
    • |Custodian of valuables, opium
    • |Rendition of accounts to the Accountant General
    • |Nodal agency for procurement and distribution of Non-Postal stamps
    • |Nodal agency of Pension disbursement system
    • |Supplying of voucher No. and CTRs to the DDO’s
    • |As a banker in Non-Banking Sub Treasuries
    Now we can provide some information to the user what type of document is needed at the time of application. You need to check all information is avail. To get your salary slip you just need a simple code which is known as the Employee code. You can need your employee code at the time of view salaries slip. This information is needed by the user at a time of application services. After checking all type of document avail here now user you need to check how to apply salary slip. This is online services so you need to read all details avail one by one.

    —Ω—Procedure to View & Get Your Monthly Salary Account Payslip Online via IFMS-Integrated Financial Management Information System—Ω—
    Before apply here required services you need to read each steps avail here then apply required one.

    ♦—Step Point I: -
    Applicant you need to open a web browser and type here Himkosh. It can provide all links to the user you need to select here any of one. It can provide a home page to the portal. You need to check it can contain the name of services. Now you also need to check here image portal.


    ♦—Step Point II: -
    You can check image is avail here in which you need to find here citizens services by scroll down the page. Now you need to select here salary statement. You need to select it can also need to check image of salary page.


    The link is avail here so you need to visit here and apply services.
    Now you need to click link avail here it can provide the name of services to the user on top of the page. After confirming name you can fill details.

    ♦—Step Point III: -
    You need to start filling all correct details avail here.
    • |Employee code
    • |Employee name
    • |Treasury
    You need to fill here correct employee code, employee name and select here treasury then you need to click on login button.

    ♦—Step Point IV: -
    It can provide complete information to the user about their salary slip. You need to take print out of result about salary slip. This detail is necessary to the user.

    Here we have provided you complete information about salary slip. You need to read all steps avail here then apply required services. After complete here process then slip is avail.

    ¤—Important Instruction for Employees Before Getting e-Salary Slip: -
    • |This service is avail for an employee under 100 treasuries of HP state.
    • |It can verify by centralizes esalary software.
    • |You need to fill all information correct and valid in an application form. It is necessary for users.
    For any of information about services, we can show here FAQ question to the user. You can read all information which is given below.

    —Ω—FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions Related to e-Payslip via Himkosh Himachal Pradesh—Ω—
    This FAQ can help the user about salary slip. You need to read all detail and also need to check here web links.
    This is the only link which can provide FAQ to users. You need to check here all services is avail and get help about salary slip details. It can also provide here many of services.

    —Ω—Himkosh Treasury Department Contact Information—Ω—
    It can provide here all contact information to the user you need to check here phone number and contact address. They can provide complete information to users.

    Dear all HP state employees, we provided all details about salary slip. The link is avail here so you need to visit here and apply services soon. For any of help, you need to check here contact information about given department.
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