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    —©— Teacher Pay Slip Bihar—©—
    The finance department of Bihar can provide facility to the teacher to view their salary slip online. They can also view their pay slip offline by the use of application form. The process of pay slip is simple and secure. You need to follow all requires steps at the time of application services. There is the total number of eight hundred and twenty pay slip are available in an online system. They can provide here contact information about the department with their phone number, email id, officer name and the most important is the name of the post.

    ♦—Functions of Finance Department Bihar State: -
    Now we need to talk about the number of department function which is required for the consumer. All details about function are given below.
    • They can provide pay slip, condition services, pay revision, the pension of the government servant.
    • They can also provide general provident fund and contributory provident fund.
    • They can also manage the calamity relief fund.
    • All the fund related services are managed by the department.
    • They can generate an audit report time to time as per government rules.
    • They can provide the fund for state government press, the public debt of the state, stationary press.
    ♦—Documents Required by Teachers to Obtain Salary Slip: -
    To view pay slip applicant can require several documents. These details are given below you to see them.
    • Application form
    • Matric certificate
    • Government residence address proof if available
    • One passport size photograph
    • Payslip of previous month
    This is a list of required documents. For more lists, you need to download an application form. You need to make a photocopy of these documents.

    —©—Procedure to Obtain & View Salary Slip for Teachers in Bihar—©—
    Before download application form applicant you can needed internet services and computer to access web pages. Now read all the points which can help the user to view pay slip.

    • |Applicant, you need the open website of finance department; Bihar with help of internet services. You need type department name in Google then a list is provided. You need to select top one result.
    • |After open web pages by the user, they need to see the name of department which is mention on top of the page. Now you need to see on left side of the page and then select here pay slip services. They can provide a pay slip section.
    • |In pay slip section you need to download an application form. If you don’t found here web links then see details are given below.
    • |As you can see here form link is provided so you need to click here then the form is saved on the user computer. You need to check on the download section.
    • |This form is provided on Hindi languages you need to read it complete then start to fill valid details. They can also provide the list of documents which need to attach with form. The details in form are needed with help of documents.
    • |After filling correct details by the user they need to affix signature at the proper place on both soft & digital copy at the same place.
    • |Now you need to scan application form and documents and which need to send on the following the address.
    If you can follow all process here completely now we can provide an email id where you need to send the form.

    —©—Where to Submit Application Form Get Payslip—©—
    If applicant you have the soft copy of application form and documents then you need to send the form in After sending mail by the user they can get their application receipt. It can contain 12 digit numbers.

    ♦—Points Need to Remember by Teachers: -
    Before or after apply pay slip by the user they need to read all the valid points. They are given below.
    • |After apply pay slip, you need to use this application number to check your application is submitted or not.
    • |If pay slip is ready then you need to use web links which are provided on the same page. You need to download pay slip here.
    • |At the time of fill valid information in an application, you need to make sure all details are needed valid and correct.
    —©—Finance Department of Bihar Contact Details—©—
    After all, the process is completed here now user we can provide here contact information about the concerned department.
    This link can provide contact details. You need to see all details number wise with name, designation, office contact number, email id and phone number. They can solve all requires of users in short time.

    ♦—Key Contact of Finance Department: -
    • |Name: Sri Sushil Kumar Modi, Hon'ble Dy. Chief Minister | Telephone No: (0612)-2217894 (O). 2217399 (R) |Fax No: 2233824.
    • |Name: Smt. Sujata Chaturvedi, IAS, Principal Secretary, Finance Dept. |Telphone No: (0612)-2215805. |Fax No: 2217694 |E-Mail:-
    • |Name: Sri Rahul Singh, IAS, Secretary (Expenditure), |Telphone No: (0612)-2217926. |Fax No: 2215238 |E-Mail:
    • |Name: Smt. Ashwini Dattatraya Thakare, IAS, Additional Secretary, |Telphone No: (0612)-2215758
    • |Name: Sri Jayant Kumar Singh, IAS, Additional Secretary, |Mobile No: 94731-91467
    • |Name: Sri Udayan Mishra, IAS, Joint Secretary, |Telphone No: (0612)-2217836, |Mobile No: 94700-01713
    • |Name: Sri Dilip Kumar, Director, Provident Fund, |Telphone No: (0612)-2531348. Fax number: 2531349
    • |Name: Sri Shiv Shanker Mishra, Additional Secretary, |Mobile No: 94700-33271
    • |Name: Sri Om Prakash Jha, Additional Secretary-cum-Budget Officer, |Telphone No: (0612)-2217145, |E-Mail ID:
    If you need any more help submit the comment below and our team will provide help.
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