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    How to Get Teacher Salary Slip through Treasuries & Accounts Dept, Govt of Tamil Nadu?
    Dept of Treasuries & Accounts, Govt of Tamil Nadu provides the online facility to the teacher to view their salary slip of any months. Here in this article, we provided the complete information about Teacher Payslip. The user can check all the necessary information which help the payroll system. This services required for the login process. through this system, any user can access the portal on twenty-four to seven days. The user needs to follow these steps and then check their payslip Details.

    @~Who Can Avail this Services: - This service can be availed by the Govt Employees of Tamil Nadu state.

    @~Required Information: - The user required Employee Code and Date of Birth to access this service.
    • Employee code
    • Date of birth

    Procedure to Check Teacher Payslip Details-Month Wise in Tamil Nadu State
    Before applying here, the user required login Username & Password. Here we're providing the complete information about Teacher Salary Slip Details.

    (Step 1st) - The applicant needs to open the online website of the department of treasuries & accounts, the government of Tamil Nadu to view teacher pay-slip. The link is mentioned below.
    Tamil Nadu Payslip- 1.jpg
    Afer clicking the above link, a web page will open. Here the user needs to login to the portal. Firstly, you need to see the name of services which is provided on top of the web pages.

    (Step 2nd) - The user needs to fill correct information in the respective fields.
    1. #. Enter the Employee Code
    2. #. Then fill the Date of Birth (format: DD/MM/YYYY)
    You need to enter all required information valid and correct.
    Tamil Nadu Payslip- 2.jpg

    (Step 3rd) - After filling correct information here you need to click on the login button. After complete the process now pay-slip is providing on user's computer screen. You can also check all details which are provided by the concerned department. Now enter the month of salary in the appropriate box to generate Teacher Salary Slip- Month Wise Details.

    $=Note - Here we provided some instruction to the user before checking their payslip via online.
    • #. You need valid employee code.
    • #. You can also require suffix code.
    • #. The pay-slip is providing soon to the user as per internet speed.
    • #. If you can find any of issue at the time of view pay slip then you may contact the concerned authority.
    • #. Before printing of pay-slip, the user needs to read all details which mentioned on the page.
    @~Payroll Login Process: - On the Treasuries & Accounts Dept Portal, you can check one more facility about pay-roll Services. Kindly click the given below link to Payroll Login.

    1. #. Select the required languages
    2. #. Then enter the username
    3. #. In the end, enter the correct password
    Then after, you need to click on the login button. After login, the user needs to apply any type of pay-roll services.

    $~Treasuries & Accounts Dept's Contact Details-
    For any type of help about payslip or payroll services, the user needs to visit DDO office in the zone. Here you need to provide the employee code and get complete details about your salary.

    Users, here we provided to you the complete information about how to view Teacher Payslip via online. For any query, please call at the given helpline numbers on any working day between 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM.
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    given procedure is ok. but what is employee code. is there the government of tamilnadu allotts employee code for every employee. i don't have any employee code. that portion is not clear
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    The User ID might be of your GPF/CPS no. Please check.
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