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    After making all salary slip online availability for School Education Department Madhya Pradesh teachers now they realize that it will be off their many problems. According to the sources the education department staff people can get the details of their salary, pay slip to download and annual income information through Internet with just few clicks. The departmental person said that all teachers and staff members have been assigned their own code through using which they will be able to know their complete salary details from national informatics center (NIC) online website. As per the official person the salary bills were made manually as with usual old process. It was only the undue delay, faculty and staff did not get their pay slip on time. The old method would continue so that the chances of inconsistencies in the monthly salary of each employee to create the mess associated with this work also was tediousness and when people break their concentration, but now they got rid of the drill and teacher and relief workers.

    Also according to a report published by newspaper in year of 2012 the School Education Department Madhya Pradesh portal got the fourth place in Web Analytics Services under National Informatics Center (NIC). As per the survey in same year the scholarship portal of Madhya Pradesh state in has got 11th place in the same series. It is noted that the citizens can also see all the information of the transparency in program implementation by the school education through the education portal. Through this portal the citizens can check the list of operated schools in district / block level of primary, secondary, higher secondary, students list, school wise teachers list, educational vision of excellent performance and poor working list of schools, out of school and children with special needs information is available. Through this portal the teachers also has been provided special features. In this every teacher is provided unique ID, receiving salary slips themselves, online service manual, the rules and government orders issued by the head offices of schools or department feature is also available. In the portal the instructions for scholarships under various schemes prevailing, free school uniforms to girls and bicycle delivery information, various scholarships and examinations application form to download, online reading textbooks of different classes have been arranged for students. The education portal functions performed by the state and national level has been appreciated and has received several major awards. Similarly, the Department of Education school students on scholarship portal scholarship schemes, scholarships approved list of cases, the level-wise information on pending and approved applications, scholarship system and minority approval in order to download the scholarship of information in the portal has been provided.

    Priority Being Given to Teachers in Madhya Pradesh
    For the improvement of the quality of education in the Madhya Pradesh state as well as teachers and the well being effective measures have been taken. That is why in addition to addressing various problems of teachers such as for appointment, transfer and salary related issue a systematically procedure has been made by the school education department of MP. Because of the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s interest and sensitivity for education and teachers now the teaching departments staff members of Madhya Pradesh have no need to go for neither movement nor hunger strike for their consent. Stalls on the streets agitating teachers now not any more could be seen. This is the result of the Madhya Pradesh state government’s positive thinking and deliberate strategy.

    As per the wish of CM Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan the new innovations in the field of school education was adopted. In a large number of posts the teachers are appointed. The numbers of schools are increased in MP. Now the lacks of consistent teachers are being made towards the fulfillment. In only the year of 2013 – 2014 more than 42088 teachers were recruited on contractual bases. In the first counseling 32459 teachers and in second counseling 9629 teachers was appointed on the contractual bases.

    Since 2010 total 944 high schools conducted education campaigns are all accepted. These schoolteachers are being given regular training. Accepted 15 thousand 239 posts total 13 thousand 896 teachers appointed by the department. Total 1490 schools / madarasa received a grant from the Madhya Pradesh state government. The department also arranged the e-banking facility to transfer the salaries of these teachers directly on their bank accounts.

    State education center for free and compulsory education act 2009 child provisions are being implemented by the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Underthe campaign of 17 thousand 851 primary schools have been upgraded to the secondary schools by the government of MP state. In these schools total 53 thousand 553 teachers posts were sanctioned. Through running the campaign, 27 thousand 910 EGS / Stellite schools were upgraded in primary schools. For these schools 55 thousand 820 teacher posts have been sanctioned. To ensure the quality of education for 26 thousand 26 secondary school teachers, 31 thousand 599 primary school teachers, 6 thousand 383 primary headmasters, 5547 secondary headmasters and 39 thousand 66 part time instructors are prevalent process of appointment to the middle.

    In order to increase understanding of the learning process in children the state government has imparted training of teachers in Hyderabad. The government emphasis is on capacity building of teacher trainer. They were given the training in such IIM Lucknow and LBSNAA Mussoorie institutions. Each district needs and the physical circumstances of the district plan has been implemented to improve academic quality. The basic skills training are being given to the teachers of class one and two. The need for in-service training of teachers based training has also been arranged. For these based on the feedback survey etc. highlighted monograph difficult concepts are being developed. In the academic year of 2013 – 2014 more than 2 lakh 31 thousand teachers has been given training in-service.

    After making salary information computerized the faculty and staff has been assigned unique code. This code is being used in all administrative functions. The records and payroll sheets have been made computerized. Teachers salary, pay slips and annual income statements related information is available through the website. For the teachers problems and complaints online registration and monitoring system has been made to resolve them. The incentive plan is started for the secondary level teachers. In this teachers have provided incentive for their each sujbect’s grade. The teachers have provided Rs. 6000 if the 10 students are studying in the class and 80% or more children are in grade. Only one award is given toa teacher. Last year 460 teachers were distributed 27 lakh 60 rupees in academic year 2013 – 2014.

    How to Get e-Salary Slip Online in Madhya Pradesh
    The Education Department of Madhya Pradesh has their online official website where the teachers and students can all information. This website is designed and developed by the national informatics center (NIC) team of MP state. The Education Portal MP is available in link where school management, HRMIS, civil works, GIS, Scholarships, hostile details and various other information is provided. The teachers are also provided a separate section to get all information through portal. Here I am going to let you know that how you can download the online salary slip / pay roll.

    @= First you have to visit in the official website of where under the services section you can get the option of Pay Slip as the below given demo image.

    View attachment 1

    @= This option will redirect you in a new section of link page. In this new page you have to first enter your username, which is given to you by DDO or school headmaster and than have to enter the password. After giving both of things slide the unlock button to login and to reach inside of your profile to download your salary slip as the below given demo image.

    View attachment 2
    @= In case you forgot the password of your profile in that case you also can use the option of forget password which is given on the same page on the below side of login area. After reaching on your profile you can download the salary slip month wise and also can get the annual statement of your salary. If you are not having your unique id through using which you have to login for salary slip in that case you can go to the page. In this page you can get the unique id.

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