Check Teacher Payslip Online Education Portal Madhya Pradesh: View-Print Your Salary Slip Month-wise Search Unique Code & Recover Password

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    How to Check Teacher Salary Slip in Madhya Pradesh State
    The Madhya Pradesh teacher portal can provide facility to user to view their salary slip. They can require their login details with a unique id. Most of the user wants online services it saves their time. The salary slip is required by the teacher. They can also see here contact information about the department. You need to read online counselling details. They can provide the contact details about the department. The user also needs to give here feedback about online services. The response to feedback is providing soon. They can also provide PRAN number and more. There is new pension scheme for Adhyapak Samvarg teachers.

    @>A requirement by users: - The user needs their unique code at the time of view their salary slip. If you don’t remember the unique code then you can search it by teacher section.

    @>Covered Topics: - Here is the list of topics which is required by the user at the time of view teacher salary slip.
    1. #.] How to view teacher salary slip online?
    2. #.] If the password is lost so where the user needs to recover it?
    3. #.] Where to contact about online services or teacher salary slip?

    Process to View & Print Teacher Salary Slip Online via Education Portal, Govt of Madhya Pradesh
    Before starting here services, the applicant required their unique code and password. If the user doesn't have the unique code then he/she should have to visit the concerned dept.

    (A) - The applicant needs to open the website of education portal, Madhya Pradesh through the given below link. This portal is available in Hindi and English both languages. You can check it on the web page.

    (B) - You need to scroll down by clicking on the right side and then need to click on salary slip services. If the user is unable to view this page then they need to see here web links.
    MP Salary Slip- 1.jpg
    This link can provide a login page so first, you need to see the name of services which is mention on top of the page.

    (C) - In login details, you need to fill correct details in given section.
    • Username
    • Password
    (D) - You need to fill here correct details and then slide it to right to unlock this form, then click on the login button.
    MP Salary Slip- 2.jpg

    (E) - After login by the user, you need to select the teacher salary slip services. Now fill all correct details and wait for some time so salary slip is provided soon. If all the information is provided here correct then you need to take a printout of the slip. It is necessary for all people.
    After view salary slip now here we provided the instruction to recover the password. This service is used by the applicant who lost their password. They need to follow all requires steps.

    @>Madhya Pradesh Education Portal Recover Password-
    Applicants can check here complete steps for recover password at Madhya Pradesh education portal. Kindly click on the given below link to the official website of Education Portal, MP.
    MP Salary Slip- 3.jpg
    As you can see here web link is mention then you need to see the name of service as password recovery system. You can require the valid mobile number.

    1. Fill here unique code
    2. Then click on Proceed button.
    After this step, you can find a password is provided for their mobile number. You need to use this code at the time of login and more services. After the complete process of recover password now the user can search for the unique code.

    @>Search Unique Code: - Here we provided the official link to MP Education Portal where you can search your Unique Code. The link is mentioned below.
    This link can provide a teacher search service. You need to see here the name of services and then you can fill here valid information.

    • #. District: - you need to fill here District name which is provided on the list.
    • #. Designation type: - select here Designation type.
    • #. Designation: - select here designation in provide list
    • #. Form age: - you need to select here age.
    • #. To age: - you need to select here age.
    • #. First name: - fill here teacher first name.
    • #. Last name: - fill here teacher last name.
    After completing this, please click the search button. Now all the information is provided here you need to see here teacher information with a unique code. You need to note down all the valid details one by one. This code can help the user to recover their password and then also view their salary slip via online.

    @>Dept Contact Details-
    Here we provided the contact information of department who can help to the user for any type of online services.

    [District || Contact Name || Designation || Phone Number || Mobile Number || Email]
    1. *.] Agar Malwa || Shri Santosh Suryavansi || MIS Coordinatior || 9977036584 || 9977036584 ||
    2. *.] Agar-Malwa || Shri Anil Damor || Block MIS Co-ordinatior || 0 || 7828862665 ||
    3. *.] Alirajpur || Shri Rakesh Garg || Programmer || 7394233950 || 9893069439 ||
    4. *.] Alirajpur || Shri Sandeep dawar || Data Entry Ope. || 7394233950 || 9424062115 ||
    5. *.] Anooppur || Shri Santosh Pandey || Data Entry Ope. || 7659296280 || 9425428203 ||
    6. *.] Ashoknagar || Shri Ombir Raguwanshi || Data Entry Operator || 7543220608 || 9407222898 ||
    7. *.] Ashoknagar || Shri G.S. NARVARIYA || Programmer || 7543220608 || 9993656213 ||
    8. *.] Balaghat || Shri Sumant Tamrakar || Programmer || 7632249505 || 9424717946 ||
    9. *.] Barwani || Shri Yogesh Nigwale || Programmer || 7290222133 || 9981573538 ||
    This is the official contact information of MP Education Dept, you can contact them as per your respective district for any type of help about teacher payslip. They can provide all the solution of the user queries.

    Users, here we provided you all the information about Teacher Salary Slip Madhya Pradesh. You can check web links at the time of login and recover your password. For any kind of help, you can call the given helpline numbers on any working days.
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