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    Check Teacher Salary Slip Details, Finance Dept, Govt of Rajasthan
    The finance department, government of Rajasthan provide a facility about payslip & salary slip services. Most of the user wants online services it can save their time. They can needed login details which is provided by the registration. The user can also recover a password if they lost it. They can also provide an alternate URL. They need to see all the latest news and current circular. They can provide contact information about the department. They can solve all the queries soon. They need to collect their login details. You need to follow all requires steps and apply services soon.
    1. About DDO: - The DDO login has many of use. Here the user can check facility for preparation of the bill, DA arrears, salary arrears, retirement bill, FVC bill, surrender bill and many more. After login to the portal, the user can avail all these services online.
    2. About bank: - Here bank facility is also given by the department. This service is used by the treasury officers and bank for digitally signed e-payment. The payment information is given in PDF format. Here user needs to register and provides all the bank account details. The PDF file is needed to download from the bank.
    3. About employee: - There are many of employee service is provided by the department to that person who has their login details. Here user needs to view monthly pay slip and income tax statement services. There are many other online services is provided by the department which is used by the employee.
    4. About Department: - The department service is used by the departments and third party person. They can be used for payment details report and other related services. The department also needs to recover their password, get new login information and they also need to update their profile details.

    Procedure for View Teacher Payslip through Treasury & Finance Dept, Govt of Rajasthan
    An applicant can need their login information at the time of view pay slip. This service is needed by the user who is the residence of Rajasthan state. Before view here services by the user they can require login information. Now you can also need internet services and computer to access web pages.

    (Step 1st) - The applicant needs to open the website of the finance department, the government of Rajasthan to view salary slip online. If you are unable to find the link then you can see the link is given below.
    Raj Salary Slip- 1.jpg
    You need to click here and then web pages of pay manager are provided on user computer screen. You need to see the name of service which is provided on top of the page.

    (Step 2nd) - Now you need to start to fill correct details which are provided on the right side. The can provide here login section of pay manager.
    • Fill the username
    • Enter correct password
    (Step 3rd) - You need to fill code which is mention and then needs to click on login button.
    Raj Salary Slip- 2.jpg

    (Step 4th) - Now the user you need to fill here employee code and then view your payslip online. If all the required information is found correct then you need to take the printout of the pay slip.
    As the user, you can see we can provide complete details about the pay slip. You need to see web links is provides and then apply required one.

    $~Reset the Password (Request Form): - Applicants can check here instruction for reset password. You need to use here web links at the time of application services.
    This link can provide a web page of “Reset Password Request Form”. You need to read all the details which are provided on the form and then need to start to fill correct details.

    1. #. Employee code: - you need to fill here Employee code.
    2. #. Bank account number: - fill here valid bank account number.
    3. #. Date of birth: - fill your birth details
    4. #. Mobile number: - enter here valid mobile number which is optional.
    You need to verify contact number and then need to click on submit details button. The password is provided soon on their mobile number. After receiving the password now applicant needs to apply for login services.

    $~Note - After complete here process now we can provide here some instruction to users. You need to see all points which are given below.
    • #. At the time of view pay slip by the user, they can needed login information.
    • #. If the user can lose their password you need to recover it.
    • #. The new password is provided soon on their valid mobile number.
    • #. If the pay slip is provided late to the user then you can use their contact details.
    • #. Some time internet speed is the cause of late pays slip view.
    After complete here process about teacher salary slip now we can provide one more services which are used by the bank. You need to read information which is providing on next section.

    $~Bank Registration Process: - For bank registration services you can check the given below web link to Pay-manager Portal.
    You need to click here and then a registration page is providing. You need to read all the details provided on the form and need to fill all correct details. After fill details by the user, you need to submit details. After apply you need to take the printout of services as soon.

    〉»Contact Details-
    • Helpline Number >> 0141 – 5111007
    You need to call on this helpline number for any type of help about pay slip services. They can provide all solution to users of online services, login details and another one soon. This contact detail is working on only working days.

    Users, we can provide all the details for view pay slip at Rajasthan. You need to use here web links at the time of application services. For any type of help, you can contact the given help desk number.
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