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    The Govt Employees of Haryana State (हरियाणा राज्य के सरकारी कर्मचारी) now can check his/her Payslip Details (Month Wise) via online. The Haryana Government has started online portal of Centralised e-Billing System (केंद्रीकृत ई-बिलिंग सिस्टम) for their employees to view/print Salary Slip Details. Now the employees don’t need to visit the authorised office anymore to get salary slip record. They can just get it online by sitting in their home or office. Firstly, the user needs to register on the portal. After successful registration, login to the e-Billing Portal (ई-बिलिंग पोर्टल) and access several of online services which provided by Treasuries & Accounts Dept (कोषागार और लेखा विभाग) such as Know BIN, Check Payment Details, Know Payee Code, Download FVU Utility etc.

    »»Ω∼Procedure to Register on e-Billing Portal, Haryana Govt & Get Employees Salary Slip (Month Wise)∼Ω««
    Any employee of Haryana Govt can view/print his/her Salary Slip Details (Month Wise) after login to the e-Billing Portal, Haryana (URL: - www.esalaryhry.nic.in). This website is designed, developed and maintained by NIC- National Informatics Center, Haryana (राष्ट्रीय सूचना केंद्र, हरियाणा). The objective of this portal is to help the users in various day-to-day tasks of preparing bills. However, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all the instructions of the Haryana Govt on financial matters are duly complied with and system owner does not take any responsibility of compliance with all Govt Instructions & Rules (सरकारी निर्देश और नियम). After successful login to the e-Billing Portal, the user can avail the following benefits.
    1. Know Your BIN (अपना BIN जानिए)
    2. Check Your Payment Details (अपने भुगतान विवरण की जांच करें)
    3. Know Your Payee Code (अपने भुगतानकर्ता कोड को जानें)
    4. Download FVU Utility (FVU उपयोगिता डाउनलोड करें)
    5. Employee Login Manual (कर्मचारी लॉगिन मैनुअल)
    6. DDO NSDL-Login Manual (डीडीओ एनएसडीएल-लॉगइन मैनुअल)

    Login Process in Centralised e-Billing System of Haryana Government (हरियाणा सरकार की केंद्रीय ई-बिलिंग प्रणाली में प्रवेश प्रक्रिया)-
    The employee needs to login into the e-Billing Portal for avail several of “Online Services” (ऑनलाइन सेवाएं) which provided by Treasuries & Accounts, Finance Department, Haryana Govt (कोषागार और लेखा, वित्त विभाग, हरियाणा सरकार). The link is mentioned below.
    HR eBilling- 1.jpg
    After clicking the above link, you will be redirected to the Centralised e-Billing System of Haryana Government (हरियाणा सरकार की केंद्रीय ई-बिलिंग प्रणाली). Here you need to login to the portal to access the online services. Please do the following procedure to complete the login process.
    HR eBilling- 2.jpg
    • »Firstly, enter the “User Name” (उपयोगकर्ता नाम) in Authorised Login section.
    • »Then enter the “Valid Password” in the appropriate box.
    • »Next, select the “Financial Year” (वित्तीय वर्ष) and enter the Captcha Code shown below.
    • »Now click on the “Login” (लॉग इन करें) button to view your Salary Slip Details.
    〉»Note - For the first time Employee Login, enter the “Payee Code” (भुगतानकर्ता कोड) as Username and same as Password. After successful login to the e-Billing Portal, you can avail Employee Login facility.

    Ø⇔Change Payee Password in e-Billing Portal, Haryana (ई-बिलिंग पोर्टल, हरियाणा में भुगतानकर्ता पासवर्ड बदलें)-
    Once you login to the portal, the first screen that will appear is for verification of the employee information (कर्मचारी की जानकारी का सत्यापन) and changing his/her password. Please be ensure to fill all mandatory details to avoid inconvenience. The details are as follows:
    HR eBilling- 3.jpg
    • »In this page, enter PRAN/GPF Number (e.g. HRGA 1204).
    • »Then enter PAN No, Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY Format), Bank Account No, Mobile No, and Email Id in the appropriate boxes.
    • »Next, enter the “New Password” (नया पासवर्ड) and re-enter it to confirm the password.
    • »Lastly, tick the appropriate box for confirm details and then hit the “Update” (अद्यतन करें) button to change Payee Password.
    Ø⇔View & Print Employee Salary Slip through e-Billing Portal, Haryana Govt (ई-बिलिंग पोर्टल, हरियाणा सरकार के माध्यम से कर्मचारी वेतन पर्ची देखें और प्रिंट करें)-
    After successfully updating the password, the system will Log-out the user automatically and the Login Page will appear on the screen. The demo screenshot is given below.
    HR eBilling- 4.jpg
    • »On the login page, enter your “Username” (उपयोगकर्ता नाम) in the appropriate box.
    • »Then enter the “Password” (Which you updated earlier).
    • »Next, select the “Pay Month & Year” (वेतन महीना और वर्ष) for which you want to see your Payslip.
    • »After selecting the required details, you will have to click on the “Generate Salary Slip” (वेतन स्लिप उत्पन्न करें) button.
    • »In this portal, you can also generate your “Annual Payslip Report” (वार्षिक वेतन पर्ची रिपोर्ट) as well as “Monthly Payslip Report”.

    Φ⇒Contact Details of e-Billing Portal, Haryana Government (ई-बिलिंग पोर्टल, हरियाणा सरकार के संपर्क विवरण)-
    If you have any problem in Login Process or Generate Salary Slip then you may contact the given below Helpdesk Numbers of STO Office (एसटीओ कार्यालय की हेल्पडेस्क नंबर) on any workings days between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
    Joint Director (DMC)
    • »Contact Number: - (0172) 2711-102
    Karnal Division (Mr Jai Prakash)
    • »Contact Number: - (+91) 94676-75600
    Hisar Division (Mr Kuldeep Singh)
    • »Contact Number: - (+91) 93542-22001
    Rohtak Division (Mr Jaipal Kaushik)
    • »Contact Number: - (+91) 98965-74190
    Gurgaon Division (Mr Naveen Kumar)
    • »Contact Number: - (+91) 98100-25028
    IFMS-HRMS Help Desk, Finance Department, Haryana: - www.helpdesk.ifmsharyana.nic.in

    Please click the given below link for download “Employee Login Manual” (कर्मचारी लॉगिन मैनुअल) in e-Billing Portal, Haryana Govt. A step by step guideline with demo screenshot.
    Users, here we have provided to you all information related Download & Print Employees Monthly/Annual Salary Slip Report through e-Billing Portal, Government of Haryana (ई-बिलिंग पोर्टल, हरियाणा सरकार के माध्यम से कर्मचारी मासिक/वार्षिक वेतन पर्ची रिपोर्ट डाउनलोड और प्रिंट करें). If you have any query regarding this article then submit your comment below or leave it at “Post Your Question” section. Thanks for visiting eSalarySlip.Com Portal, stay tuned for more updates.
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