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    —≡—Andhra Pradesh AP Treasuries: Employees Salary Slip Download via—≡—
    The directories of treasures and accounts, a government of Andhra Pradesh can provide services to the user about salary slip. The user needs to read all information about salary slip. The department office is located in Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada.

    There is a total number of 207 treasury units is avail in the state and 14 district treasures and 193 sub treasures are avail. There is some function are avail of directories they can provide services for budget control and regulation of expenditures, a regulator for CPS, account branch, MIS to government and other stakeholders and management services.

    For view information about salary slip applicant can need their employee code which is avail on their old salary slip. You need to read all information avail and apply given services. Here you can check all screenshots avail with links to all services.

    —≡—View Employees Payslip Online via Ap Cyber Treasury Department—≡—
    Before apply here services you need to read each steps avail then apply required services of pay slip.

    ¤—Point 1: -
    Applicant we can provide here web links to view your employee pay details. This service is avail in the portal of a directorate of treasures and accounts, government of Andhra Pradesh. Now check here an image of a page in which salary slip is avail.


    You can click a link is avail here to view page of employee pay details.
    This link can provide a page to the user so check here the name of services avail here.

    ¤—Point 2: -
    In given page, you need to read all information avail here then you need to start to fill correct information here.
    • |Employee code
    ¤—Point 3: -
    After fill here correct employee code avail you need to click on excel report button.

    ¤—Point 4: -
    It can provide complete information to the user about their employee salary slip. You need to take print out of result about services. It is necessary for users so you can take print out of the result. It is necessary for users.

    Here, users, we can provide complete details to view your salary slip. You need to read all information avail here then apply here required services. It can provide complete information to the user you need to take print out of given slip.

    After complete process about a view of salary slip now we can provide a list of all services which can be avail by the treasury. This detail is given below you need to check the name of all services mention here.

    —≡—Services & About Andhra Pradesh Treasuries and Accounts Department—≡—
    Now we can provide here all services about treasury. You need to read all information avail then apply here required services. It can provide complete information to the user.
    This link can provide here all type of services to users you need to check all information avail. Some services are given below.
    • |Bank-wise report
    • |Bank HOA wise report
    • |Date wise report
    • |Cyber treasury reconciliation report
    • |Cyber challan details
    • |Treasury challan details
    • |PD account details
    • |PD account details DDO wise
    • |PD account details DT urban
    • |Online bank scroll
    This is a list of some services is avail you need to check all information avail here one by one. If the user has some quires about their slip here we can provide all contact address. You need to view all details avail then apply for required services in short time with help of contact details.

    —≡—Contact Details of Andhra Pradesh-Ap Cyber Treasury Department for e-Salary Slip Help—≡—
    Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts, D.NO: 7-57, Sri Anjaneya Towers, VTPS Road, IBRAHIMPATNAM, VIJAYAWADA-521456,
    You need to check here contact information now you need to call here and ask a correct question about services. They can provide all solution to the user about their services now ask here a right question. They are avail in only working days.

    All AP state employees, here we have provided all details about salary slip. The link is avail here so you can visit here and apply services in short time. For any of help about services, you can check here contact information avail. They can provide complete help to the user services.
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