Telangana Treasuries and Accounts Employees Payslip-Download Salary Slip Report by Empcode/Month/Year at PDF Copy

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    ♦≡♦Telangana Treasuries and Accounts: Employee Pay-Salary Slip Download♦≡♦
    The government of Telangana can provide a department of a directorate of treasuries & accounts. They can provide a salary slip to users. They can provide an online portal to help the employee. Some services avail for an employee is here Pay Particulars, Previous Pay Particulars, Class IV GPF Information, Employee Pay slip, AG GPF Account Slip, TSGLI Account Slip, NPS Transaction Statement, and Pension/GPF Grievance. They can provide here application form about several of services mention here. Their vision is providing strength in public financial management and accounting procedures. Their mission is innovation in E-governance, safeguard the public money for intended purposed. Here user needs to more details about their pension and other services.

    ©⇛Requirements for Employees to Get Salary-Slip:
    • Employee code
    You can need employee code at the time of finding your employee pay slip. It is necessary to document for all people. Now we need to start process how to view their salary slip. This step is necessary for that person who has some proof about their salary slip. Here you can only need employee code without this information you not able to view details.

    ♦≡♦Step by Step Procedure to View & Get Employee Pays Slip via Telangana State Treasury Department♦≡♦
    Before apply here services you need to read each steps avail then apply required services in short time. You can need internet services and computer to access web pages.

    ♦〉Point I: -
    Applicant we can provide a web page of a directorate of treasures and accounts, government of Telangana. It can provide complete information about their employee operation. You need to use here internet services and computer to access given web pages. You can check here an image of a home page of the portal.


    ♦〉Point II: -
    On the home page of treasures and accounts, a government of Telangana you can see here all information is avail. You need to select here employee option, and then a new page is given to users. It can provide here many of option as you can see here. You need to select here employee pay slip. You can check the here web page of employee option here.


    ♦〉Point III: -
    After select here employee pay slip user you can find employee pay slip. If a page is not availed to the user then check web links. First, you can see here an image of a page.


    The link is given here so you can open page of employee pay slip.
    This link can open a web page in which employee pay slip services is avail. You need to check here service name avail.

    ♦〉Point IV: -
    You need to fill here correct information in avail section as per mention here so check all are shown here.
    • Employee code
    • Month Name
    • Year
    After fill all information avail here you need to click on submit button.

    ♦〉Point V: -
    It can provide complete details to the user about their employee pay slip. If all information is avail here correct then you need to take print out of a slip. It is necessary services to users.

    As you can see here we can provide complete information to view their employee salary slip. This detail is necessary for users you need to follow each steps avail then apply required services. Sometimes the user can face some issue at a time of apply salary slip or their information is not view. For of answer about their quires you also need to check here contact details about page.

    ♦≡♦Telangana Treasury Department Contact Information♦≡♦
    Here we can provide contact information about treasury of Telangana. This detail is necessary for users.
    This link can provide contact information to the user to check all. It can provide name, designation, landline number, mobile number and email id. You can ask here a correct question about services. You can visit here on any working days. They can provide all solution to user in short time.

    User, we can provide all details for view their employee salary slip. The link is avail here so you need to visit here and apply services in short time. For any of information about services, you need to contact at given address.
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