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    ð Introduction of Dept:
    Maharashtra Government / Govt. Employees Salary / Pay Slip via Sevaarth Mahakosh Treasury Software

    ð Name of Department:
    Finance Department,

    ð Service Introduction:
    How to Download or Take Printout of Pay / Salary Slip Online

    ð Services Provided By:
    Maharashtra State Government

    ð Official Portal of Dept:

    —©—About Sevaarth Portal Software for Online Salary Slip Download in Maharashtra—©—
    The sevaarth portal, which is designed and developed by the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) department in link, has given the facility of services regarding the payrolls and information of salaries for employees working under the state administration of Maharashtra state. This website software is having the integrated system to provide the all personnel salary information through under the centralized web-based technology.

    The sevaarth software is the main and important part of the Integrated Finance Management System (IFMS), which works to provide the services for the data and information exchange with using the IFMS modules system. This department has the responsibility for the data exchange between the Budget Estimation, Authorization and Monitoring System, which also called the BEAMS with the treasury NET. In the main object of the sevaarth mahakosh means sevaarth treasury department has to make the complete payroll or salary slip system paperless (without using paper).

    The system has provided all the paperless services through the electronic audits, electronic payments, electronic pay/salary bill generation module etc. through this sevaarth mahakosh software. The servaarth portal works under the finance department of Maharashtra state, which has the other responsibilities also such as providing the salary slip, salary/pay verification, pension-related services, etc. The department works with the Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries Finance Department, Government of Maharashtra, which was established in the year of 1962. This department has the responsibility for the store verification process, accounts related works, monitoring the data for treasuries and vigilance unite works etc.

    —©—Sevaarth Employee Corner in Mahakosh Maharashtra Portal—©—
    The mahakosh department recently developed a new utility on the sevaarth online software portal with the name of “Employee Corner”. The treasury department under the Maharashtra state government provided the sevaarth id through which the employees of state administration can get the access to the website to get their payslip online. With using the username and password provided by the mahakosh employees direct can get the access to their account and can take the printout of their salary/pay slip after downloading in A4 size paper. Through this profile section of employees they also can download and get the information for their previous months’ pay slip and they can take those in printout as well.

    ♦〉Login Access Process in Employee Corner Section of Sevaarth:
    Employees will have to visit in below-given link page section where they can get the page as the following demo image. In this section, you have to use the sevaarth username and password, which you can obtain through the treasury office. This username or sevaarth id will be provided to you as the MNOPQR12345 and the password has made by the department as default ifms123. Also the DDO or Assistant of DDO has given the permission and authorization to access your profile account of sevaarth portal software. Log in to the page you can have to follow the below given steps:
    Ø—After using the login id and password you will have to go in the “employee corner” in this section you can get the option of “payslip” after which you have to select the month or year for which you want to download the salary slip online through the sevaarth portal.

    Ø—Now after this process you can take the softcopy in download and then you can take the printout of your month/year wise payslip through the mahakosh official departmental website.

    ♦〉Important Note before Using Portal:
    The employees working under the Maharashtra state government are only given the authority to download their salary slip online. The employees only can download their pay slip in starting ten days (from 1st to 10th date) of the month. For DDO and Assistant, the login id and password are provided to get access to the employee corner. The department is also going to start soon other services as the general provident fund (GPF) status checking system, form 16, view DCPS R3 slip and View NGR schedule. These all sections are right now under process but employees will be able to use these functions very soon. If you need any type of more help you can contact the finance department of Maharashtra state by visiting in page where you can get all the phone numbers and the contact list of departmental person.
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  4. please let me know the proceudre to download the statemement.
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