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    The Finance Department, Rajasthan started to providing the bill preparation and salary slip download facility through their official online website of The employees working under the Rajasthan state can use this service online through the official portal and can follow the procedure of bill preparation.

    The department started online software which called as the paymanager and it works to provide the salary slip, DA / TA and other bills. This is common and integrated software with the finance department. The employees can get the bills of the DA Arrear, bonus and all other leave encashment bills facility

    Through the website the DDO also can get the login access for making the FVC bills, surrender bills, salary arrear bills and other types of pay bills. The portal also has given the bank login section, which can be used by the banks and all the treasury offices of Rajasthan state which gives the services of e-payment files / pdf to download.

    In the paymanager Rajasthan the employees working under the any department of state government can get their month wise salary slip / monthly salary slip along with the income tax statement. In time to time duration the employees can get the information about their salary through this paymanager website of finance department under the Rajasthan state.

    This website provides the facility to the department login on the third party terms so that they can make all the reports related to the employees and their salary. For more information and to get the salary slip visit to the below given link official website where you have to enter your username and password.

    Click Here for Paymanager Rajasthan >

    In the username you have to fill the employee id and in the place of password you have to enter your date of birth in dd/mm/yy format. In case of any help you can contact to the departmental person in 141-5111007 numbers and also can send your mail in
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    sir my salary slip i need to download on the official website of paymanager. can we download that now.
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  3. how to get the user id of paymanager portal.
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  4. pay manager website login details.
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    please help me my name i s Mahipal
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  6. Mahipal

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    I am getting issue while checking my salary detail online through paymanager portal
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  7. Mahipal

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    I can't download payslip please tell me the process
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  8. pl. give me detail of my salary
  9. Please send me details in my email ID
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    Hello I works in PWD as a clerk I want to get my 6 month pay slip
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  11. hello I am from rajasthan
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  12. How to check my pay slip
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  13. This Telephone Number is dead
  14. My employer id RJJO199624022668. When I login pay manager says credentials not correct. Solve my problem.

    SUSHILA Guest

    how download my salary slip
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  16. I am from rajasthan govt employee
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  17. How to get password
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    Guest Guest

    please tell me the process
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    I was using the website(for my dad) and I am really pleased using this. I works as a software developer in a company. My boss, senior and everyone says that I am the worst employee. Even I feel the same way sometime. But kudos to your developer and development company, when I used this website I realize that I was not the worst. You guys are really champion. I don’t even want to complain about this site. Cause this will take too much time. But really you guys are making india proud. Keep up doing your work.

  20. 5985 I am sampat lal sharma I want to check my pay slip online
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  21. I am government employee in Rajasthan electricity board I want to know my salary breakup
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  22. How to can check the HRA deduction mean what is percentage in basic salary?
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  23. How I can login there what information should i need to know before login?
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